Did you watch yesterdays BBC 2 culture show, featuring the story of Notthern Soul and the Wigan Casino? I really liked it. In my opinion they could have shortened the dance lessons of Mr. Mason a little, but the rest was good I think. The original footage of the Casino was well known of course, but the clips of Elaine Constantine’s movie were really impressing. And great to see, that after working on such a big project for such a long time, she still speaks with such passion about the movement. I watched it for personal reasons also: A few weeks ago I was almost in shock because of a mail I found in my mailbox: it was from the BBC, and they asked me if they could ues some of my artwork for the show. You can imagine how much that would have meant to me. Sadly it didn’t work out in the end, but of course I’m grateful that the word about my artwork is getting about. I see now that the show is on youtube already. And  here you can read the part within the story about Northern Soul and the Wigan Casino again.

Dyke & The Blazers – The Wrong House