I want to share a few words about the latest Mod-weekender in Linz. What a FANTASTIC weekend it has been. This show is running for almost 25 years, and all thanks to Winki and Andi, Annie and Tom, who are organizing it all, probably only get during the whole weekend as much sleep as normal people get in one night. They present us every time one big blast of a party with the best music in the world. All these happy faces tell what a success it is and how very grateful we are. I had my special moment on the boat, when all the wonderful soul tunes came up, and the atmosphere was peaking. I had to shed a tear then, thinking about how I told everyone exactly one year ago that I’m almost done with my book, only having to take care of the last bits and pieces. Well, that sounds easier than it was, the weeks that followed were very stressful. But what came after that, when the book was finally out, totally knocked me off my feet. What a great year it has been, how many kind, enthusiastic words I received. This weekend once more. I really feel so blessed with you, my dear audience. And the icing on the cake were the standing ovations after my reading in Linz. I never had something like this before, thank you, thank you. I don’t have words for how great that feels.
Well, the good news is, that there will be a Linz weekender next year once again. Even one day longer.
And at this moment, I’m almost off to the next big event, the Comic Salon in Erlangen, where my exhibition takes place. Really looking forward to this, and I’m sure it will show how things continue for my little project (y’know there is still this voting for the public’s award going on). I’ll keep you posted. And keep an eye on my facebook and instagram account, I will post some pictures during the weekend. Speaking of pictures, here are some from Linz. Enjoy.


Corduroy – London England