Welcome to the secon chapter of Getting Grand. We start with another intro, in which I’m portraying the Original Skinheadscene. I enjoyed the research for this a lot, I spend hours figuring out a pub of the East End, that would be old enough to have seen the late sixties, but that would also contain a not too bright future. So I finally found the ‘The Flying Scud’. The name has actually nothing to do with missiles but comes from the foam on the bow wave of a fast travelling sail boat. There was also a clipper with the same name. ‘The Flying Scud’ in the East End of London exists since Victorian days, was a Heavy Metal-Pub in the end was shut down in 1996 after a shoot-out. Since then it’s a nailed up ruin on the streets of London. As a starting point for the history of skinhead, that also contains this tragic twist, according to the urbanistic changes of the East End during the Sixties, I found this place more than fitting. Here you’ll find some more stories of the pub.

Dotty & Bonny – Sun Rises In The East