Good morning. I’ve just come from the great festival ‘Into The Great Wide Open’, which has nothing to do with Mod in any way, but still, it was fantastic. Three days on the island of Vlieland in the middle of sea, forest, and music, and yes, with good weather. Although it was so nice, I’m broke now from lack of sleep and standing and walking around all the time. I would prefer to keep a little nap on my keyboard, but no, work is calling.

I heard that a few of you have problems with the electoral system for the Sondermann Award. So here again a detailed explanation:

You can choose to vote on three different channels:

on the Comicforum, where you have to register.

On Animexx, where you have to register as well (don’t worry, you won’t be bothered with spam or such after the voting)

and over at the Zack-Magazin, where you don’t have to register, just scroll down a little and click on the button of your choice. If you don’t know the entries of those other categories, just leave them out.

Except for the Zack-page you can only vote once. But please keep it fair. The voting lasts until 19th september. Thanks for your vote(s) in advance.

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