That’s it, dear friends. This is it, the last page of my story. And what other song could I choose to headline this page than this classic, the last song of so many soul nighters, where everybody jumps onto the dancefloor one last time, and everybody is lying in each others arms afterwards.

At least if Andi decides it’s still not late enough and is warming up for a little Rap performance.

Wow, it really happened. Now also the webcomic has come to it’s end. From it;s very beginnings Fahrradmod (Getting Grand) was connected to the internet and it’s online readers. First via the blog, that I started in 2007 to follow to the process of drawing the whole thing. It’s funny to read those old posts nowadays. And finally the real thing, the webcomic, that I started in 2011. This one ends today. (Well, almost).

So it’s up to me to thank you guys one last time. Fahrradmod was a very important and successful project for me, and has been well-received even beyond the in-crowd of the sixties community. On top of it the feedback was very positive. And this is mostly thanks to you, at the end of the day it was you, who made this whole thing so big. And for this I will be ever so thankful.
It has been a very nice ride with you.
And I will be working my ass off to realize as much foreign translations of my story as possible. Because you told me you want this.
So, I hope to see you soon, somewhere, with beer or gin tonic and the best music there is.

Esther Philipps – Just Say Goodbye