Hello everyone, sorry that there is not too much to talk about lately, but I promise you that there will be some news and new events soon. It’s going to be a nice summer and an even more exciting autumn.
This week I finished the series of subcultures of the eighties and nineties I put on facebook. The last has got to be me. The Fahrradmod (bicycle mod), the one that is trying so hard to be part of the scene but doing it all wrong. IF there is a thing like doing it wrong 😉

I’m sorry to say I don’t have any more pictures for this series left. I originally made them for an exhibition at the Comic Salon in Erlangen and this is all I’ve got. I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm about this series, your comments and support. It was nice to work on this, but your feedback made it even more fun. This week I had contact with the Samurai Mods from Tokyo, and they said, that they think that everybody from the Mod and Skinhead sceneloves my artworks. It sometimes feels so weird to me, to sit here in my small Dutch town, having not seen much of the world, while my art is travelling the world over… If a 18 year old Wannabe-Mod from Wesel would have known this…
In the coming weeks I will try to translate the text in the pictures and put some of them (or all of them) in my shop. Thank you once more, keep the faith and let’s all keep the streets of our towns and citys colourful.

Lou Johnson – Unsatisfied