Still a happy new year, freinds, if I still may say so. And if not, I don’t care. I’m back at the desk, and here we go again. Where were we? Right, in the middle of nowhere on some dark parking lot, busy with making sense of it all.
I hope you all got some rest during the holidays, like I did. But now it’s time to get back to work again, as there are a few thing that I have to prepare. Next week there will be the first reading of this year, on 21st of january in Kassel during the Festival of Graphic Storytelling.
And by the end of the month I will be traveling to Angouleme, Europes biggest and most important comic festival. I want to meet some international publishers there, so if you have an idea about a publisher that you think would be the right one for my book, give me a shout, please.
In the last days of last year I put together a little slideshow of all the things that have happened. Still can’t believe, that all of this happened in only one year. Please take a look.

The Monkees – Steppin’ Stone