Last weekend my book was presented to the public by publisher Komiko at the club Graffiti in Novi Sad. Sadly I couldn’t be there, but I heard the place was packed. Here is a picture of how they decorated the club, they made lamps of the pages of my book. Very nice! More photos will follow. And if you want to order a Serbian copy you can do so here. Via this link you can find a little teaser.


Now on to something completely different: A few weeks earlier Ben, a friend of mine was told that a child in Jordan couldn’t get the medical support it needed to survive. He then realized that the money that was necessary was the worth of one of the rare soul singles that he owns. He owns lots of them , and many of them he isn’t spinning anymore. So he thought why not put them to a good use and sell them. I guess many of us have records we forgot about a little, although they still are worth a few bucks. Would you like to help Ben by selling them in this group? More info in the group information. Maybe this one forgotten record of yours can save a life. How often did we proclaim: music saved my life. Let’s give these words a real meaning. You can sell other stuff as well of course, rare comics, artwork, you name it.
Ben is very active in the refugee-crisis, driving down goods to the “hotspots”, for example the “jungle” in Calais and others. He also build shelters for them.
In days like this I think it’s even more important to help the ones in need. Thanks for your support. And please share this or invite your friends to the group:
Deine Scheibe rettet Leben!

Patti Austin – Music To My Heart