Beside the latest bad news, there was also some good news that reached me last week: After that my book has been nominated in the category ‘Coming of age’ for the Rudolph Dirks award, I also got nominated for best Scenario. And then even one more: I also have been nominated for best German artwork. I really couldn’t believe it. But here I am next to two of my heroes: Mawil whose books are inspiring me for years and awakened the wish to do longer stories, and who I consider one of the best artists of Germany, and Sascha Wüstefeld, who just about every artist in Germany admires for his drawing style, his choices of colour, his compositions. I actually feel a little misplaced between these giants, and I can think of many other artists who deserve this spot more than me. Still, I am very happy about it, and it’s a great honour!




Also this weekend my book will be presented by Komiko to the Serbian crowd, with a big mod-party at the club ‘Graffiti‘ in Novi Sad. The Djs are already putting their tracklists online. This one’s from Garwood Pickjon. I get a very nostalgic feeling with that drawing. Nice. Sadly I can’t be there, but I hope you guys will make it a a blast!