While in November there will be another Lesung mit Nighter” target=”_blank”>reading with an allnighter afterwards taking place in Wesel, before that it’s time for the annual book fair In Frankfurt.
These are my dates there:

Thursday, 20 October, 18:30-19:15 after Barbara Yelin presented her new book “Vor allem eins: Dir selbst sei treu – Die Schauspielerin Channa Maron” I will have an open conversation with her and Jakob Hoffmann at the OPEN BOOKS about working on biographical subject in the comic field.
Friday I will check out the fair itself and in the evening I will drop by the Comic Satelliten Party zu finden sein, from 19:30 at the Zentrale, Berger Straße 175.
Staurday is my most busy day:
from 14-15 tehre is a signing session at the Carlsen booth (hall 3.0/ booth G 84)

and from
12:00 – 13:00 in the Guest country-Pavillon (hall 1) and from
16:00 – 17:00 auf der reading island of the independent publishers (hall 4.1 D36)
there will be a Sketch Battle taking place, together with Stephan Lomp and other colleagues against our opponents from the Benelux, represented by the great Joost Swarte and Kamagurka.

On sunday it’s another from 11 to 12 it’s another signing session at the booth of Carlsen.

It’s going to be exciting, I’m looking forward to it.

And, one more thing:
Now it’s exactly one year ago, that my book was published. What an exciting year it’s been. And it seems the story is not over yet, the book is still selling well, and for this I’m ever so thankful to you, my dear readers. And in november I will travel to Serbia to promote the Serbian version.
There are so many people who made this all happen, and who dsreve all my gratitude.

But today I think its time to thank myself, or to be more precise: my younger self from thirty years ago. I am thankful that I kept at it, that I stuck with it, and that all the stupide little insecurities didn’t stop me. I am thankful that this music and this scene stayed with me all my life, and made it so much richer. I’m glad it wasn’t merely one crazy summer. I’m thankful to you and your nutty friends for giving me stories to tell.

Thanks for your curiosity, Tobi. Cheers!


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