It’s about time for a reading once more, Ladies and Gentlemen. This one will happen in my hometown of Wesel, and although I’m afraid as you are following the English page, you’d probably understand little of what I am reading that night, but at least afterwards there will be a party again. Again it will happen in the caverns of the Baby Doll” target=”_blank”>Baby Doll, Wesels most stylish club. If you’re in the area come on over, and we’ll make this night one to remember.
In the meantime, publishing houses are getting nervous again, as the big book fair is approaching. It’s going to be a lot more relaxed than last year, but still I’m very excited about it. I will be participating in a Sketch Battle against big Dutch names, and will also so do some singning sessions. More about that later. Now I have to get back to correcting the English translation of my book, to present to international publishers. Hope this will work out one day.
And oh yeah, I just started to show the first of 25 Subculture characters that I presented in my exhibition in Erlangen. I put them on Facebook and Instagram, and of course I’ll put them up here as well. First one is the Original Skinhead. Stay tuned.


Brother Jack McDuff- He’s A Real Gone Guy