Wow, I’m still pretty impressed of last weekend when my big exhibition opened. So many people came to visit, around 150 – 200 I guess. There were a few nice speeches, and a nice conversation between me and old friends about their view on the book and our youth in the the scene. Afterwards I said some words of gratitude. Then it was signing a lot of books and posters, and thus the opening was over in a flash. Luckily we had a nighter afterwards at the Baby Doll, where Winki, Annie and Winki where playing some great music until the morning hours. I know I need to upload some pictures but for now I have this great clip that Stephan, owner of the Baby Doll and his film production business Flaggschiff Film made of the opening. I hope you like it just as much as I do.

Now I’m trying to sort out all the piles on my desk, and in the weekend I will be back in Wesel, to sign at the local bookstore, the Mayersche Buchhandlung on saturday.

The exhibition is open until august 21st. Would be great if you could make it to visit.
And one more thing: I know it’s your business but I really would like to see if my English readers stay with us in the EU. Unity is more needed than ever these days.

Five o’clock in the morning….

Bob Seger & The Last Heard – East Side Story