How about some info about the coming weeks and months: At this moment I’m busy searching my archives for old sketches and original artwork, and also drawing one or the other new illustration. Because my comic will be exhibited, first at the Comic Salon in Erlangen, the biggest and most important German comic-festival. I’ll be presenting my work at the in the gallery of Ultra-Comix, between the 26th and 29th of may.

And in June things get even bigger, on 18th of June my big exhibition at the Städtisches Museum Wesel will be opened, during the festivities of the 775-years celebration of my hometown. The place is huge, so I can show a lot of stuff. Afterwards there will be a Sixties allnighter at the Baby Doll Club around the corner, with Michael Wink and Annie O’Seven at den decks.

The exhibition runs until the 21st of august. More info via the links.

This weekend will see two readings, and a visit at Gerd Baums Northern Soul Nighter at KIT in Düsseldorf. Maybe I’ll see some of you there. Next week I’ll be reading in Bonn.

Finally some words about the new page. Shortly before I drew this one, Ron Duis dies, an important member of the German scene. He also organized a lot of events, especially the Hip Cat Club in Hamburg. I felt the urge to let him appear in the book, so there he is, in the middle of the last panel. I did a couloured version of this picture and am selling it as an art print on my Society6-page. The money I make with it I donate to the German cancer foundation.

Derry Wilkie And The Pressmen- Can You Think Of Another?