That was a very nice little tour last weekend, I was reading and signing in Frankfurt and Hagen, where that one famous nighter with Jam Today took place that also made it into my book. Among all the nice people I met during the weekend was also Andi, who took part in organizing the weekender back then. He brought an album with tons of pictures of the good old days. I’m very glad he let me show a few of them here. Also blow are some pictures of my little tour. In the meantime I’m preparing myself for the upcoming weekend, I#m looking forward to the Scooterist Meltdown in Kalkar. I will bring my book of course, you can bring your copies as well, and I will sign them if you want, but of course you can purchase one also at my desk. Also I have new stickers and a poster available. I’m looking forward to meet you and drink a beer together. See you there.




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And some pictures from Andi’s album:
Hagen 1989, Aachen 1995, Cuxhaven 1995:

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