I am still so happy about the last weekend in Düsseldorf, the signing session at Modlord was a big success, we sold all the books, and I was especially happy that some well-known faces from the scene showed up: Henk Wyninger, who published the comic with some mod-content “Anamarama” some years back along with Joachim Friedmann. Also Fats showed up, the dj of our famous hotspot Pop’s, and also Bodo, singer of the famous Modpunk band Stunde X. It was a very nice afternoon, supported by some great music spun by Thomas Limmer and Olaf Kölker.
In the evening the releaseparty took place at the Prinz Albert bar. The place was so packed, again I signed a lot of books and Henry Storch, Michael Wink and Annie O’Seven played great sets, the dancefloor was packed all night. The party had all the atmosphere you’d wish for. Just great. When we had to call it a day around four in the morning, there were still many people dancing. Smiles on all the faces and I’ll be wearing mine until next year, that’s for sure. This has been the last official event of the tour, and that is simply the icing on the cake. To each and everyone who has been part of it, helped, danced, djed, bought books, sold books, please all be sure of my gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Two days ago I was on German tv, to talk about my book. I don’t know if it is possible for you to watch, if you don’t reside in Germany, but you can give it a try. Here’s the link to the show. You even get a sneek peek into my studio, and see how I work. The music they chose is from the soundtrack, but well, they chose the more common songs. I’m still very happy about the opportunity and the kind way they treated me there.

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And if you happen to live in the Utrecht area, and don’t have plans tonight, come on over to Cafe de Stad, where I will be spinning singles of my tiny record collection, at the Singles Club, hosted by Dj Dab. It starts around nine pm.

Next week I will post the new page a few days earlier, on tuesday already, as I will be taking a little holiday break. I need it, I tell you!

Here are some pictures of last weekend. And some more of the great foto project Düsseldorfer Perlen. And on Facebook are some more.

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Melvin Carter – Midnight Brew