I’m asking myself why I didn’t put a song into this page. Maybe, because these years in Onkel where so important for the German mod-scene, and because everybody has his own songs that he connects with the place. I also have a few, but if i had to choose it would be “You got to have money“, but also “Beggin'” of Timex. I’m not quite sure, but I think I heard it there first, and it’s definitely one of those songs, that stay with you for life, despite all radio cover versions.
Last friday was exciting, I was back in Wesel, where German Television was visiting me. We went to places that appear in the book, and I talked about my work, my book and about the old days. It will be broadcasted on regional TV, but as soon as it’s available on the internet, I will post it here. And on tuesday another tv crew came over to Utrecht, to my little studio and filmed me drawing. This will be for the tv-show ‘WestArt” about arts and culture, where I will be interviewed live at the studio. This will happen on december 15th. More about this soon.
I’ve been also interviewed for the German newsblog Dreimal Alles, weil it’s in German, but you can also get a peek into my sketchbooks. If you’re interested, how my drawings look like before they’re “done”, check them out here.

A nice little internet find this week was the video someone made of the modweekender in Rimini of 1997. Nice stuff, the Italians certainly know how to dress the part. That was the first year I went there, and goes who’s stepping into the picture around 15:09?

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-02 um 09.53.40

Beggin’ – Timebox