Last weekend I was in Hamburg to present my book with a reading at the Monkeys Club. It’s been a strange day, as I was pretty impressed by the sad events that happened in Paris. The whole scale of it I realized when I was already sitting in the train. It hit me hard and I was thinking about it a lot, and if it would be right to party on such a sad day. To be honest, I would have rather stayed with my family. And take some time-out to reflect. But the train was very quiet that day, and so I had some time to think about it. I thought, if people are attacking our way of life in such a brutal and merciless way, then we should do no other thing than stick to this way of life. Carry on, and try not to get scared. But of course I can understand anyone who switched the volume down that day and wanted to stay with his or her loved ones.
However our reading was well-packed, for what I’m very thankful for. We had the time to present the full program, a big summary of the book, and I hope we didn’t spoil to much for those who hadn’t read it then. The signing took a while as well, people were queuing in front of my desk and so it was after midnight when I signed the last book. By the time sadly a lot of people had left already, some surely for the reasons above, others went to other parties, as there were three (!) other Sixties-parties happening in Hamburg. You can’t say the scene is not doing well. Still, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to celebrate a little with you. But I had some beers with the nice people of my publisher, whom I want to thank for oragnising the event, Mathias for the great reading that everybody loved, the people of Monkeys for the beer, the nice food backstage and covering the whole of Hamburg with my posters, and of course to the Djs for the great music.
Photographer Kevin Winniker made some very nice pctures, that you can take a look at here.
And here are some that my sister took with my phone. Thanks for that also.

Almost ready…


Stephan Timm brought me a great present, a bell for my bike, the size of a cowbell, with a target on top. Thanks a lot!!


Here we go.


Signing, signing.




One of the last signatures.

The world has not become more quiet or peaceful since last weekend, still I wish you all the best and a great weekend. Take it like Joann Sfar Most of all: don’t let the haters win.

The Other Side – Velvet Dreams
The Otherside – the band of Michel Terstegen.