Hi everyone, that was a great weekend in my old hometown. The signing session at the bookstore was planned to start around noon, but I planned to arrive early and yes, there were already people waiting. I So I started signing rightaway while more and more people were coming in. In the end, people were queuing through the whole shop. Theey were all patiently waiting, cause I wanted to draw something in their books, some waited for about an hour. In the end I signed about seventy books. So sadly there wasn’t much time for deep conversations, but still, it was very nice to see so many new and well-known faces.
In the evening there was a Halloween-party of old friends, also playing a part in the book, and so we celebrated a lot and until the morning hours. And the lovely autumn sun on sunday made a perfect weekend even better.
Here are some pictures of it, thanks to Micha Dierks and Uli Tebbe.

Also, there is a new sale in my shop, 5 Dollars off all items, and free shipping worldwide, if you use this link. If you’re already thinking about christmas gifts, now would be the time, as shipping takes a few weeks from the states.

Und zur Feier des Tages gibt’s auch wieder eine Rabattaktion in meinem Shop, mit diesem Link, gibt es alles mit einem Rabatt von 5 Dollar, und dann auch noch (beinahe alles) versandkostenfrei.



Queueing through the whole shop


Some brought my old stuff to be signed.

Others came dressed for the occasion


Crossing the borders…



Young Holt Unlimited – Baby Your Light Is Out