Yes, it really happened, the German version of the book is out now. And it seems like my German readers are pleased with it. Every day I get nice pictures, reviews and stories of people and they’re all positive so far. It really means a lot to me. And this pushes me even more, to make an English version one day. My talented friend Jan Dinter just finished the translation, so with that as backup I’m looking forward to the bookfair and see what will happen there.
I also put some new life in my shop on this here page, take a look, there are various ways to get a hold of some goodies.

And then a little story about today’s page: That thing with the elephant really happened, at least in my insane little brain. When we went to Rimini back then, we tried to avoid getting stuck in traffic on our way home, so we stayed a day longer at the adria, also to catch up sleep from the short nights before. So we hung out in our appartement and played ‘Crash Team Racing’ on the playstaion ALL DAY. Which led to that we didn’t sleep at all the following night, because everytime we closed our eyes, we were back on the racetrack. Three nights of party and one without any sleep before we headed home. On the empty road in Switserland I saw the elephant for a second, and near Frankfurt I lost my sense of balance for a while, and it felt like the road was dropping away under us. So you see, kids, videogames are bad for you. Better go out dancing.

And finally here is a little extra that I did to celebrate the release: As you know there are lot of songs in the book, that were important then and are still dear to me today. Which is why I did a little mix of those songs, and put them up on Mixcloud. This should make it a little easier to take that time travel, and warp back into the days of my youth. And maybe this makes it for people outside the scene a little more easier to dig the atmosphere of those days. If you like what you hear, please consider buying records of the performing artists. And please share the mix. Have a great weekend.
Here is the Link.


The LInk Quartet – Italian Playboys