Hi there, it’only less than three weeks now until the release, and of course there will be a lot happening around it. I know, most of you from outside of Germany won’t make it there, but if you’re in the area, come on over, it will be my pleasure to meet you. Here is a little list of the things that are about to happen in the next months. There may be more, but I will announce that on time.

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of october there will be the Comicfestival Hamburg taking place, where I will be signing at the table of my publisher Carlsen.
One week later I’ll be at the big bookfair, the Buchmesse in Frankfurt, where the book will be officially presented. I will be signing there on the days for the public, on saturday, 17th and sunday 18th. On saturday there will be also a chat on stage. Please drop by. On sunday there will be the first big release party: first there will be a chat on stage with Mathias Wieland, my editor Christopher Tauber and me at the Feinstaub. Mathias will also read some passages from the book. After that we move to the Tiefengrund, where a nighter is taking place with the talented help of Andreas Mandrysch und Chistoph Sonnenberg behind the decks.
On 31st of october there will be a signing session at the Mayerschen Buchhandlung, a local bookstore in Wesel, where it all started.
And on 14th of november there will be another big releaseparty, also with a conversation on stage and a live-reading, the Releaseparty im Monkey’s in Hamburg. Also with a big nighter and all the sounds all night long.
And in December the 12th there will be a signing session at our favorite shop, the Modlord in Düsseldorf. In the evening there will be another party, at the Prinz Albert, supported by musical mastermind Henry Storch behind the decks.

As mentioned, there may be more, and some events are already planned for next year, but I will keep you posted about those soon. I hope that some of you will make it. It will be my pleasure.


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