No break in sight, this week I was off to Hamburg to discuss the next comic project, and of course I will be dropping by my publisher. Who knows, maybe there is some secret outcome of the production to be seen, that I can show you rightaway. Oh dear, it’s only a month until the release now.
Did you check that guy on the first panel to the right? It’s Harry Brass, a very nice lad from England who supported me and my page very much, so this was my way to say thanks. I hope he recognizes himself.
Also: this week there is still discount running on certain articles in my shop. Check this out:

Today it’s 5 Dollar off pillows with the code 5THROW
On friday it’s 20 percent off tote bags with the promo code 20TOTE.

Enjoy. And of course I don’t mind you spreading the news.

Charles Mintz – Give A Man A Break