Hi everyone, last week I had the sad news that the glossary in my book might fall out, but now it’s good news: it’s in and because my publisher put some extra effort to it, we reach now 480 pages. A true challenge for your bookshelf.
We’re almost through, the last few days have been super busy with the last things that needed to be taken care of, but now I take a little time-out. I really need one. Doing nothing, little walks, watching the landscape, reading comics and being there for the family. Also I will lower my digital activities to a minimum, and will take a break with the page for two weeks. The band (Los Flechazos, a Spanish modband), will play on in the meantime. I hope you understand. Go out, enjoy the sun.
And yes, while I’m away, the printers are working, doing their job, printing a book.

See you, Tobi

Los Flechazos – a toda velocidad