This is a bit off-topic, but I’m still very impressed of the Tour De France-Start last weekend, the Grand Deaprt in my beautiful city. I actually don’t care that much about the bicycle racing, but of course I sit on my bik every day, and now I can tell everyone, that I#m cycling on the racetrack to work. Cycling is now officially even more fun.
And some more news: yesterday I heard from my publisher that there are no further corrections to be done in the drawing part, which means I’m done! I can put all these folders up into my shelf now. (But not for too long, more about that soon). The small ones contain the storyboard btw, the big ones contain the four chapters. On top is another for all the corrections, and one more for the cover. Geez, what a nutty job.
But where there is light, there is darkness. Yesterday I heard that some Belgian Oi band is teaming up with a well-known German bonehead band (I’m not even mentioning names here) to play a concert, and used an artwork of mine for promotion. The quality is poor, and I guess there will always be these kinds of copycats in the modern age we’re living in.
That’s why I don’t make a big fuzz about it and can only say, those who know my work also know that I don’t have anything to do with these kinds of ideas or music. I hate them. But instead of fighting them on the streets or with lawyers, I sat down for eight years and put my opinion on paper. With a pencil, which I consider mightier than the baseball bat in the end, and hopefully one day even mightier than a microphone. Keep the faith.

Baby Face Willette – Face To Face