Just returned from Munich and it’s been just great. Two years ago everybody (including myself) was ranting about some bad decisions of the management, diving the commercial and the independendent scene on two different places, but now everybody was happy. I’ve rarely seen such a relaxed festival. The reason for that might be in parts that next to the old beautiful congress hall where the festival was taking place, a big and inviting bavarian Biergarten was waiting. I have to admit, that I spent most of my hours there, as I didn’t have any signing sessions this time. But of course it wasn’t only chilling, we also made a lot of plans for the time of the book release. It feels good that my publisher shows such enthousiam, it feels good to be taken care of that way. But the icing on the cake was that the small German comic world shares my happiness. Here are some pictures of the festival, but now I have to get back to work already, my publisher brought me a big stack of paper from the lectorate. Final sprint it is.
And here is also a video from the last Mod-Weekender in Linz with a gig of the Hip Flames and their interpretation of today’s classic.

Tommy Tucker – Hi-heel Sneakers