It’s already a few days since I’m back from this year’s Mod and Sixtiesweekender in Linz, and still I’m having problems finding my way back into the daily routine. It’s been really great again, I don’t know how the scene in Germany would look like if it wasn’t for the Two Men from L.I.N.Z. Andi and Winki, who bring us such pleasure every year. And this year they made it extra special with really fantastic bands. The Seen and Connection 99 on friday, and an energetic gig of Nineties heroes The Apemen on the boat. On Saturday we all stood in awe, listening to the fantastic sound of the Hip Flames, playing very original Rhythm and Blues. It’s originally a young Italian trio called ‘The Hip Organ Trio‘, then backed up by famous man of fashion Claudio Rossi as singer and Paul Newman of the Clique on the blues harp. Such a great sound it was. And ond sunday our old heroes of Big Boss Man returned to our little weekender and blew the roof off. I know why they’re one of my favourite bands of all time.
Also great was the feedback I received, so many people gratulating me for finishing the book and celebrating with me. That made me so happy and felt so good. In the end I even won a cup on the boat for my portrait of the scene. And there were also some things discussed and planned during the weekend that could be very intersting. I’ll keep you posted. But for now here is a little video I made during the boat trip. I put a different song on it, Have Love Will Travel by Rochard Berry & The Pharaohs (they were playing Town called Malice) actually, but I found it so fitting. I also have some nice recordings of the Hip Flames and Big Boss Man, but I’ll post them later. I have to quit now, as there is still so much to do, as next week the next event is waiting: the Comicfestival Munich. Cheers.


Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings