Hi! Actually I wanted to wait with big news until today, as this is the final page of the last chapter. But the investigative press on Facebook started leaking the news so I had to announce the latest developments myself.
Die big news is: *drums* that end of september my book ‘Fahrradmod’ will be published by one of the biggest publishers in comics in Germany, the Carlsen Verlag. It will be sold as a nice brick of an hardcover with no less than 464 pages! *fanfare*
I’m truly happy about this as you can imagine. It’s very nice to know that after eight years of growing interest and a growing number of readers now also such a big publisher joins the ranks of my friends and supporters. And I’m also happy that the guys from my original publisher ‘Zwerchfell’ keep working on it and are helping with the editing.
Here you can check out how the official announcement of Carlsen looks like.
The book will be officially presented at the big book fair in Frankfurt in October. Now you might say, booh, sod off with German, we want an English version. I can assure you that I want that too. But until now that is in the hands of the licensing department of my publisher. But I’m optimistic that this might happen one day.

Shortly after announcing the news, my timeline on Facebook almost exploded. There was a constant flow of little ping-sounds in my ears during the day, of all the people liking and commenting on the news. It’s such a great feeling, that my readers are so much looking forward to the book and are sharing my joy. I can’t really express properly how that feels. Be sure that I’m truly thankful.
But it’s not done yet, still some things to be taken care of. So I’m off,back to my drawing desk again. Final sprint. Thanks a million.


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