Hi everyone. As my days are a bit sad now, at least last weekend there was little light in all the blue. My best mate Billy came over and we went to the big recordfair here in Utrecht. And after that *drumroll* visited the Paul Weller concert in town. To be honest, I didn’t expect much. His last visist in Tivoli was okay, but left me unimpressed. And quite a differecne this time, it was a great night. Mr. Weller was very enthousiastic and put down a long, committed gig. Many new songs, and in between some old classics out of his own oeuvre. So no Jam or Style Council-hist. Which was a little bit disappointing. As I said, great night. Also very good was the support, the Vals. If you’re still planning to visit the modfather, enjoy.

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Bobby Paris – I Walked Away