Las tweek I finished the colouring of the last page. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m done, put it’s another step on that tall ladder to my goal. Last weekend I was again in my old homeland and took a little detour to take a picture of an once famous venue, we loved to go to, the Ostentor in Oberhausen. Doese anyone remember the place?

For everyone who ever thought about buying my stuff, listen up, this might be your week:

There are some nice offers over at Society6, and everyday a new one gets unlocked. This whole thing runs until saturday, so if you want to get a lot, saturday is the day for it.

Since monday it’s 20 percent off on pillows
Since tuesday it’s 20 percent off bags.
Since wednesday it’s 20 percent off phone cases.
From thursday on it’s 15 percent off shower curtains and sheets.
From friday on it’s 5 Dollars off prints. My favourite 😉
From Saturday on it’s 5 Dollars off mugs.

Remember: only until this saturday. If you got friends who might like this, please tell them. Thank you all very much for your attention.

Paul Anka – When We Get There