Finally some words about the fantastic Scooterist Meltdown, that lies behind me for much too long already. It was my second time so far, and even though it all went down in pretty much the same routine as last year, I really had one hell of a good time. It was really nice to hear from so many people that they follow my project, and also I was glad that the stickers I made were in demand. A big thanks to Rene and Alex from Scooterstuff, who offered me generously a part of their table at the Custom Show. Also a big thanks to all of you who bought my book or posters. I didn’t expect so many customers to be honest 🙂 So it was a very nice weekend, with nice talks and a lot of dancing, and next year I will definitely be there again. Bringing my big book with me.

Here are some pictures I took at the weekend.

Also, it’s Free Shipping time over at my shop this week. If you liked the sticker, why not get a print/mug/case/pillow/rug etc. also? 😉

Brenda Holloway – My World Is Crumbling