Hi there,

finally I made it, the page has moved to a new provider. Thanks a lot to falise.com. Farewell mijndomein and thanks for nothing. I still encountered some problems today, but now I do hope things are running a little more smoothly and most of all faster. Next thing will be a better linking to my shops, hope I get to that soon, then we will be fully back on track.

As mentioned I met with my publishers last weekend and we shared some ideas, but still I felt we’re not there yet. So no further news up to this point, I’m afraid. At least I went to a very nice Allnighter of the guys of the Torch Scooter Club afterwards, with beer and nice chats. In these moments I really feel what I’m doing this for.

The weather is getting uglier now, and if you want to head for some retail therapy, let me tell you that my shop offers 5 Dollars off each item, and no shipping costs. Only until sunday. You can get there only via this Link. Cheers.

The Love Sitars – Paint It Black