Cars coming to a scooter run, is still a subject of course. In the end it’s not a ‘car run’. A true scooter run needs the dedication of all attendants, and the endurances on the road to it. And of course the clubs had to make money with selling beer to finance the weekend. It’s not fair, if the people with cars stuff their trunks with cans of beer and avoid the bar that way. I can truely understand that people coming with cars were looked down on, and were charged extra at the entrance. Still, I never had a scooter as you probably know by now, and I feel blessed that I could take part in these crazy weekends anyway. But 20 German marks were a lot of money to me back then.

If you’re still considering to buy the print I made lately in memory of Ron, one of the popular face of our little scene, you can get it without shipping costs this week. All money I make with it I will donate to the German Cancer Aid. Here’s the link to my shop.

Have a great weekend.


Willie Tee – You Got To Pay Some Dues