I’m fighting a cold for quite some time now, and while I stayed in bed of course all the work started to pile up. Lots of things to do right now which is why there is not so much happening apart from new pages. I’d love to do some illustrations or sketches to show you, but there simply is no time. At least I finished the skribble for page 400 lately. At least SOMETHING is happening. A little while ago I set up a little competition. Of course that’s not forgotten, and all of you who were taking part in it, are still on of course.
Ready, Steady, Go was a famous English TV show in the Sixties, that always played the latest hits and would present the hottest bands in the studio. But just as important was the crowd of the shows, whose choice of fashion always turned out to become the blueprint for the kids for their shopping trips to Carnaby Street or their visit at their bespoke tailor.
Well, I have another tea now. Hope you all have a great sunny weekend. Cheers.

Bill Cosby – Lil Ole Man (Uptight – everything is alright)