You see here the Hapag Hallen in Cuxhaven, a place that left a deep impression on me. And it was the first time that we really moved out of the youth clubs and scruffy dance halls of shabby bars. But more about that later.
As you might know I saw Madness last sunday. Boy, what a great night it was. First the excitement of the Dutch footballgame, then the joy of winning (sorry dear Mexican readers), and shortly afterwards the fantastic concert of Madness.
Of course it didn’t have the impact like when I saw them four years ago for the first time, but it still feels great. It feels a little like homecoming, like if you were invited to the place of good old friends. And the best thing is, that they seem to enjoy your visit just like you do. This joy that the band and the crowd share altogether, that’s the magic of Madness imho.

And when we left, there was some nice icing on the top, I met a group from Sweden, who asked me if I was the guy who is drawing these scene-comics. And that they came all the way from Sweden to Utrecht, because I told about this event on this page. Sorry guys, I didn’t get your names, but you really made my day last night. Would have liked to chat a little longer.
Also thanks to Brutus Trimfit for sharing my picture form Erlangen while I’m wearing my beloved new shirt. And a warm welcome to all of you who came on over because of this. Hope you like it here.

Gene McDaniels – Strange Neighbourhood