Still feeling quite knackered after one hell of a weekend at the Rhine site, at the annual Mod-weekender in Linz. It’s been so very hot, but that didn’t keep all these nice and cool people from partying and making the air burn. This event has a history for longer than twenty years, and I’ve been to most of them, but this year was a very special one. I can’t really put my finger on it why in particular, but I had some emotional moments there. Maybe because the end of my book is getting in sight, the sounds were so great and fitting, the atmosphere so friendly, I don’t know. And then there was this special moment when we send a message with a photo for a member of the brotherhood who couldn’t be there this year, such a great idea it was. If anyone thinks the mod-scene consists of some arrogant superficial a*holes, I’m gonna tell that person he or she’s seriously wrong. Also, it was nice to see, that there are young folks returning to the scene again. A few of them knew this project and I want to thank you for your kind words and your interest. Also to those who bought my prints. I hope I can get to upload some photos soon.
And again, I’m very thankful to the people who organized this event, and the many before and beside them. Andi, Winki, Annie, and Tom, did a very great job. As did the Djs and bands. I realize, now that I’m close to finishing my book, that this story would be probably much, much shorter, if it wasn’t for these guys.Thank you ever so much. And thanks to everyone who’s making this scene such a great thing to be part of.

Bobby Bland – Ain’t Nothing You Can Do