That’s it, the Stripdagen are over, it was the first time since 2002 with me really contributing to it and it’s been great. Haarlem definitely is Hollands nicest Comicfestival, and it was a great pleasure to take part in it. The feedback to my artwork in at the Society shop was very positive, which makes up for the time and effort that I put in it. A big hug to my dear wife for helping and to Marijn from Swaak for the quality art prints.
I saw a lot of great exhibtitions during the weekend, really impressive, most of all the young talents, and the various exhibitions about the first World War. Haarlem is only happening every two years and by then I hope to be a little bit fresher in the evenings to take part in the gatherings and parties as well, because I would like to get to know the people from the Dutch Comicscene better.
But this weekend is the annual Mod-Weekender in Linz again, und shortly afterwards the Comic-Salon in Erlangen, so I know the upcoming nights will be long and chatty. I’m looking forward to it.
Pictures of other exhibitions in Haarlem you can find here, by the way.
If anyone is interested in the artwork that has been exposed at the Stripdagen, let me know, as I usually don’t produce such big sizes. Two of them are already new available in my shop at Society 6, without Shipping costs during this week, but only via this link.

Below are some pictures of my exhibition.










Ben E. King – What Can A Man Do