I am sorry, that the page was not working last weekend. Luckily that’s sorted out and I hope it stays that way. Last weekend I also drew page number 20 of the fourth and last chapter, things are running smoothly now, but I’m afraid this will end soon as my regular work starts to pile up, and I will have to put my dear project aside. Still, it kept me dreaming that the whole thing would have been possible to be drawn in only twenty months, add another twenty for colouring (if I’d have to do it all by myself, which is not the case thanks to the great Carsten Dörr), add some more time for research, the script and storyboarding and we end up with 3,5 years. That makes the actual seven years look not quite so bad, doesn’t it?

Anyway, does anyone of you visit this weekeends  Scooterist Meltdown ? A Scooterist event held in a former nuclear power plant near the Dutch border. It’s gonna be one hell of a nutty weekend. Can’t wait. If you’re coming, say hi. Let’s drink a beer together.

Mary Wells – You Beat Me To The Punch