Hello and sorry for a whole week delay. We learned lately that my domain-package got a little exhausted from the two languages and the amount of pictures. So we  tried to change a few things, but that showed more difficult than expected in the end. But now things should be running smoothly und also a little faster. A big thanks to my helping hand Sander Falise , who sorted everything out, even with a broken thumb. One thing that is still under construction are the different domain-names. At this moment the English URLs don’t work properly, which is obviously not ideal, but we’ll see to that asap. If you spot anything else, please let me know.

Today’s page needs some comment I guess. Back then I was quite surprised and shocked about the agression I got from the guy. But I understand him now in a way. Since the days of the Brighton Beach Wars copycats and hanger-ons are despised as they were given the movement a bad name, and too much attention turns an underground-scene quickly into mainstream. I remember the quote from the great German book “Dreiknopf und Dosenbier” by Andrey Nikolai, citing a Mod from Hamburg, who wished for that the scene would stay small, hundredfifty people all over Germany would be way enough. On the other hand such words always remind me of people who let grow those high hedges around their camping grounds, if you know what I mean…

But of course I understand the scooterist here. It must feel annoying, having spent a couple of hours on the scooter to get to the rally and meeting there some ticket who went there by bike. On the other hand, if I had just quit and left, I probably would have never drawn this story, right? What do you think? Do you prefer the small scene or let things just happen?

And another thing, that “Jimmy” illustration I did lately for Mr. 2000 on Facebook is now available in coulor. As a Print and some other stuff , or as T-Shirt. Society 6 has one of their Free Shipping-offers again right now, so now’s your chance.


Anthony & The Imperials – It’s Not The Same