Back again, and a happy new year to all of you. Did you make some New year’s resolutions? I did, and they are pretty much the same as last year: making progress with the book. I wish for finishing it this year, but drawing a hundred pages won’t be easy. Especially because my timeout in December from work didn’t help as much as I wanted to, but maybe my goal was set too high then. Anyway, the new year starts well, I managed to draw four new pages this week only, and thats pretty much the same amount I drew in the whole of December. So, keep your fingers crossed. If I can keep up that tempo it shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand there wasn’t too much work on my desk this week. We’ll see.

This is the drawing I did for my 2000th Facebook-follower from a while ago. Jimmy from QuadropheniaJimmy_quadrophenia_Kris_kowalski_150.

The MVPs -Turning My Heartbeat Up