Fun Games – Standard  afternoon entertainment on every good German Scooter Run. Shown here: the game “Musical chairs”, but not with chairs obviously. Would it be appropriate to call it “Musical Beers” then? Unfortunately I never attended an English rally. Do you have fun games as well? Would be interesting to know what kind of games you play over there.

Christmas is almost here. And I think I’m not gonna do much here between during the holidays, I need a break, especially because  the planned break in december didn’t turn out so well as I imagined. And most of you guys are spending time with family and friends anyway instead of the computer, so let’s continue next year, okay? Next week there will be one new page left of course.

But let me use this opportunity to thank you ever so much for all the great feedback, the nice comments, and the growing support I get from you guys. It means so much to me, that my little project of heart seems to mean a lot to you as well. Here’s a little christmas drawing I made in gratitude. I doesn’t have anything to do with the storyline, but just to put a Santa hat on my protagonist heads wouldn’t serve the story right I think. I hope you like it anyway. Well, all the best, have nutty christmas and a soulful new year.


Nutty christmas

Jay Traynor – Up And Over