Hi there,

I’m almost off to the next destination of my signing tour, this time it’s homeland, good old Wesel.
Also there is a party in the evening with the great Garage band The Morlocks, to which I’m looking forward to.

But I still owe you a little review from the bookfair in Frankfurt.
When I arrived there on thursday one hour before closing time, I met up with the nice people of my publisher, showing me around the big impressive stand, showing on one side the big Target-logo of mine. This really feels cool, 2011 I put my sticker next to the front door, and now a few years later it’s part of the presentation of a big publishing-house.
And my editor Klaus told me rightaway that the sales are going strong, and this week I heard we’re going for a second print.
In the evening I met some colleagues of my illustrator’s organisation, and on friday I finally found some time to wander a little around the fair. In teh afternoon I had a little presentation along with colleagues from Indonesia Hikmat Darmawan, Chris Lie and my old friend and colleague Stephan Lomp. When Chris Lie said he managed his first job in the comic-world, a book of 122 pages in just two weeks, I almost couldn’t believe my ears.
In the evening there was a diner and a little party of my publisher, very nice chats I had there. The thing took place at the Literaturhaus in Frankfurt, which I will be visiting in February for a reading and a conversation on stage, so it was nice to get an impression.
Saturday was the big day, in the morning my first signing session at the stand of Carlsen, then a reading and a conversation on stage with Mathias Wieland and colleague Flix. The place was really packed, but I’m not so sure if really everyone was there because of us…

In the evening we had another reading in a little bar, and the place was so packed, that some people couldn’t get in anymore. Mathias put some music in his reading which had a nice effect and contributed to the atmosphere. After that the whole crowd went to a club across the street, where Andreas Mandrysch and Christof Sonnenberg where spinning their records, including a lot of tunes appearing in the book. Quite a few people were waiting to get their books signed, so I sat there drawing for about two hours, signed about 30 books. Then we danced and drunk of course und finally went very happy to my cozy hotelroom. The next day there was another signing session, but the time the fair was so overcrowded, we got lost with our signing table between all these people. We didn’t worry much about it and talked a little about the last few days.
I want to thank everyone at Carlsen and Mathias for preparing the reading, Piwi and the team of the Comic Satellite program, for organizing the party and the reading and of course the Djs. And everyone who dropped by. Thanks for coming, it’s such great fun right now.

Here are some pictures, some mine, some of Sabrina from Carlsen, and some of Christain Maiwald.

2011 und 2015
2011 & 2015

On display
On display.

Der Carlsen Stand mit Target
the Carlsen booth with target

Gespräch mit den indonesischen Kollegen und Lomp
Chat with indonesian colleagues and Lomp

Carlsen Verlagsparty mit Flix' Geburtstag
Publisher’s party and Flix’ birthday

Warm zeichnen
Getting ready for signing

Next generation
Next generation

Ready to rumble
Ready to rumble

Flix' Lesung

mit Flix und Mathias im Lesezelt
With Flix and Mathias in the reading tent.

Im Lesezelt
In the reading tent

Das Lesezelt ist gut gefüllt.
Place is packed.

Feinstaub pickepackevoll zur Lesung
The bar is also packed during our reading

Mathias bei der Lesung im Feinstaub
Mathias performing

Signierstunde im Tiefengrund

Signierstunde im Tiefengrund

Sabrina und Claudia von Carlsen. Super Job!
Sabrina and Claudia from Carlsen. Thanks a lot.

Clarence Daniels and Obie Jessie – Hard Working Girl