Well, not much to translate on this page, you get the picture I guess.

Instead, some good news: this week had my last normal working day of this year, I had to finish some last commissions and from now on the rest of the month december is MINE. I’m trying to achieve this for years now, but this time it seems to finally work. Of course I’ll be on the drawing board nevertheless, ut only tow ork on personal projects and trying to draw at least one new page per day. But first I will start my day in one of Utrechts lovely cafes, working on the storyboard of the final chapter with a cup of tea. It’s work alright but it feels like being on a vacation. I truly enjoy it.

And another thing: I opened up another shop over at Spreadhirt. More for those of you who would be interested in T-shirts and clothing and accessoires, instead of prints. Another reason is that Spreashirt is located in Europe. As lovely as the products are at Society6 but they’re located in the US. Which makes their delivery times quite late, in my opinion. Still nothing beats their quality of prints and mugs yet. But in the end, ordering in Europe is better for the environment, too, right? So, I put up some designs at spreadshirt, and I hope you like them. They have a big variety of colours so feel free to chose, what you like best. And if you have some Ideas, critics, or feedback, please let me know. Oh, and they have a discount running until December 6th, saving you the delivery costs. Just put in the discount code ‘Xmas 2013’ . Happy shopping.

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