Voila, Part 3 of my little Scooterboy -feature. A lot has happened in the last few days, many more readers thanks to all your generous sharing on facebook or wherever you share. We even cracked the 2.00 followers mark yesterday. This is really something, another 1000 more in just four months. Thanks a lot for your interest and your support.

Remember when I asked you, what you would think about some more merchandise? Well, it’s done, I set up a new shop at Society 6, to give you the opportunity to buy my art the way you’d like it, may it be as a print or a t-shirt or on your coffee mug to start your day in style, all in very good quality. I filled the digital shelves with a few pictures already, most of it is related to my little project here, but there is other stuff as well and there will definitely be more to come. At this moment there is a special promotion offer, resulting in FREE SHIPPING. Just follow this link. Be quick, as this offer lasts only until sunday, the 17th november. And if you decided not to buy yet, please spread the word about it and like my illustrations on their page, it gets me more attention there. Thanks again for your support, and if you have any suggestions or any feedback, it’s more than welcome. Have a good day.

Here are just a few, and these are only options.

Mod & Modette T-Shirt

Into the night coffee mug

Reggae & Ska art print


Beginnings coffee mug

Head Over Wheels iphone case

Logo Shirt

The Younghearts – A Little Togetherness