I’m back from the bookfair in Frankfurt. After two years that I skipped I enjoyed the hustle very much: nice chats with the colleagues, seeing old friends, battling Sketch Battles, reading horror comics to a big crowd, drawing stuff for people, and eating a lot. I even attended a little Mod nighter. And of course I checked out a lot of books. If only I had more time to read.  Speaking of which, I”m already knee-deep in the old treadmill again. Hope you all are well.

Frank Margerin is a French comicartist. In his beloved series “The Suburban Gang (I don’t know the proper English title, I’m afraid) I spotted a Ska musician for the first time. At that time, it had a similar effect on me like listening to my first Ska record. I loved his books, they were a big influence on me. Does anybody know what he is doing nowadays? .

The Charles IV – We Can Do Some Business