Last weekend was great, I had the rare opportunity to put on my dancing shoes and dance a whole night to Northern Soul. And, what made it even more special: there was also a Northern Soul BAND playing, the Originators and all set here in my hometown. The band is quite new, and it’s not that they play the common party classics or Motown, but true Northern Soul hits. And good they were. Okay, you can hear that they’re not from the sixties and sometimes some songs were played a little too slow, but they played with great enthusiam and the crowd had a great time. One to keep an eye on.

Last week was the week of the big Northern Soul documentary on BBC2, that had a massive impact, one million viewers, the best result in the histrory of the show. Maybe the big revival, that so many people talk about is really coming. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s on youtube now.

Lately I’m preparing for the big book fair in Frankfurt next week. On thursday, the 1oth there will be a sketch battle on the stage of the comic section that I participate in, and on saturday around 15.30 I will be reading with others from our favourite horror comic stories. at the museum for communication. Would love to meet some of you there.

Youngblood Smith – You Can Split