The ‘Burgerland’ used to be a very nice snackbar, fully decorated as a Fifties diner. One could control the musicbox from the seats across the room, but later the owner used the control panels for displaying his menu. I drew the illustrations for the menus, have to check if I’m able to find them somewhere in my archives. We spent hours there, no wonder with beer prices of 3,50 (Marks) for half a litre.

All these circus tents have ceased to exist, the next big thing, or should I say huge thing was the ‘Turbinenhalle’, the biggest disco I ever went to, and I didn’t like it all.

Well, summer holidays are over, the daily life retuns to it’s old routine, but also the proper stresslevel. The last third of my year is always the most hectic one. Still, I found the time last wekeend to drive to my hometowen, to finish the script of the last chapter. Now for the storyboarding. Have a good weekend, folks. See you next week.

Andrea Henry – The Grass Is Greener