Good news, my Facebook-page cracked the 1.000-milestone last weekend. I’m very happy about this. I opened the FB page in 2009, without doing much with it in the beginning. Things finally started when I opened up the wordpress-page for the webcomic and won the second price in the awards of best webcomics in Germany shortly after that. That was 2011, but still the page was filed under very special interest for many webcomic-readers and only a few international readers came by. That really changed in the last few weeks and months, almost half of the new readers came to the site in this year and many of them come from all parts of the world, like Mexiko, Chile, Indonesia, Russia, New Zealand, Amerika, Japan, Iran and so many more. I wouldn’t have dared to dream about this, it means literally the world to me. Thank you all so much for this. I hope, I’m not gonna disappoint you, because there still a few stories to tell, about 200 pages more to come. Please keep on telling your friends about this project. I in the meantime will keep on drawing. Promised.


The Tymes – Here She Comes