So I went to see The Who last weekend. Quadrophenia. My first time it was, I always passed before, being no big fan of them, and anyway only of their first records. But I love the film and the story of Quadrophenia and now I thought, now this has got to happen once in this life of mine. And I really liked it, not so much the music, but the show. Still, I don’t dig the seventies rock of the band , but how the whole show was designed, that I really appreciated. Most of all the visuals with the the three big round screens behind them, using the target icon as a background or simply displaying three big scooter lamps. On top of it a lot of original footage of Mods of the Sixties and old pictures of the band in their younger days. I also liked a lot how they put the whole movement into context, as a recation of WWII and the traditional England. And how they build a bridge to today. In the end the old men were celebrating their own and youth in general. I really liked that concept. Still, I’m not quite sure if most of the crowd could understand all the codes and images of the modscene displayed. I didn’t see many mods at all. And it feels kind of weird, seeing these average people in shorts and band-t-shirts showing a smart mod on front of them. But who am I to judge. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was, that when they played some more songs after the Quadrophenia part, there were only a few tracks that I cared about. Sadly  Can’t Explain, no Substitute, no My Generation. And oh yes, neither did they smash up their equipment, but that’s understandable, the guys are almost seventy.

DSC06222 kopie DSC06209 kopie

Tommy Sears – Get Out

(Marius Müller-Westernhagen – Mit Pfefferminz bin ich Dein Prinz) 

(German rock’roll song from the eighties)