After I spotted a few bad copies or adaptations of my artwork on the internet, especially on facebook, i made some Facebook cover-pictures last week. You’re free to use them, but please be so kind to put down my name and the link to my project there as well.

This whole move had quite an effect of the numbers of readers, so let me thank you all for your interest and your support. Welcome all new readers. Hope you like it here.

Tomorrow will be special actually, I’ve got tickets for the Quadrophenia show by nobody else but The Who. It’s strangely my first time seeing them and you can imagine, I’m curious and excited. Also it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a concert in an arena. Last time was AC/DC, a friend had tickest and took me along. I was quite impressed. Curious how the old men will do tomorrow.

Z.Z. Hill – Gimme Gimme