I’m almost on my way again, won’t miss another opportunity of probably the best mod-weekenders Germany has to offer, The Men from U.N.K.E.L. weekender in Linz near Bonn. Hope to see a few of you folks there.

I guess it’s about time to talk about picture references. Sadly I don’t have any colleagues at my little atelier, who could dance the most impressive Northern Soul moves for me, so that I could use them as models for my drawings. Which is why I’m quite happy that the great photograph Paul Mueller-Rode  focuses on subcultures in his art, and also on the Northern Soul phenomenon. Together with the fantastic dancers  Crout and Frank Viphitman he shooted two series, which contain so much reference material, that I feel really thankful for. Without good reference a project like this one would be difficult to create, which is why I’m also happy that everyday people load up their personal memories or scans of their personal photoalbums, so many treasures there. Here are a few examples of Facebook-pages with important picture archives,

Wigan Casino Memories

Mod & Northern Soul

Original Modernists 1969 -1966

Skinhead – A Way Of Life

Photographer Paul has made a documentary about the Rockabilly-Scene of Tokyo lately and would love to make a book of it, financed via crowdfunding. If you like, please support it and please tell your mates about it. Here is the link to the crowdfunding page.

The Impressions – You Ought To Be In Heaven