Surely one could enter the main room of the Casino at ground level, but I put the staircase here for dramaturgical reasons. It should also work as a mirrow to the intro of the first chapter where the two protagonists climb down the stairs into the darkness of the Flamingo club. The old lady who’s checking the membership-cards and collecting the entrance fees, was called Mrs. Hilda Woods by the way.

I recently returned from the Kings and Queens Weekender in Hamburg, which I enjoyed very much. I had many nice talks, thank you very much for the nice compliments about my work. I enjoyed dacing to the the oh so danceable soul sets, and loved the boat trip and the tunes from the Djs there. But what really struck me was the set by Big Phil on Saturday. How long am I in this scene now, 25 years?! I feel like I never heard a set like this, feels for me that Ska got it’s justice, got it’s own right. Thanks also to Clive Chin and all the other Djs. Big up to Alex and Ralf for making it all happen. Sadly it was the last one. The Kings and Queens Weekender will be missed!

Bobby Goldsboro – Too Many People